My name is Larry Adler and I am an ordained minister able to perform wedding ceremonies in the State of New York, and also registered with the City of New York.  I do almost all kinds of weddings, whether religious or civil, as well as vow renewals, and will work with you to make your ceremony what you want it to be.

Over the years I’ve performed ceremonies in all sorts of situations, ranging in size from 3 people to full rooms at catering halls.  These weddings were performed in many different types of locations:  on the beaches of Long Island, in backyards, in churches, in restaurants, and in the major catering halls around the metropolitan area, even on a rooftop in Manhattan in the rain, on the waters of Gardiner’s Bay and in the middle of a tree.  And while I loved doing every ceremony, and gave my all to each of them, the ceremonies I am most proud to have performed are my daughter’s and my son’s.

I believe that your ceremony is a special moment and should be treated as such, with respect and dignity, however, I also believe that the ceremony doesn’t have to be a stodgy, tiresome affair, simply a prelude to get to the food.  I do have a sense of humor and it does come out during the ceremony, but always tastefully.

It is important that we meet so that we can get to know each other, and while I prefer meeting in person, I will also arrange to meet via Skype or other videochat services if distance is a problem.

 Posted on : February 19, 2017